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Our 7 week program meets Mon/Wed 

2/week for 2.5hr /sessions and provides a unique hip-hop experience.  Students will reflect upon their local and/or diasporic cultures using the creative expression of hip hop.  Diverse youth will learn about the origins of hip-hop, its social impact and history, as well as professionally record their own mixtape and produce their own music video.  The program will be held at the Yesler Terrace Community Center (917 E Yesler Way).  


Every successful participant receives a $100 stipend and will have written and recorded an original hip-hop song over a chosen beat, and produce a corresponding music video.  We will do some local outreach and present our work at our community showcase in the 7th week at the North West Film Forum.  

Equipment, software, lessons & food provided.  No prior experience necessary. Passion, purpose and integrity are expected.       

fall program starts 9/9/19

apply below soon!

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